After a lot of hard work, website development and testing (and there was a lot of it!), we are delighted to announce that in addition to our ERP consultancy and business services, we are now able to offer affordable website hosting services to our clients from as little as £2.99 plus VAT per month*.

We now offer three different levels of web hosting to our clients, the “Starter”, “Standard” and “Unlimited” packages. All of which come with varying levels of web space depending on your needs, but all of our plans come with unlimited bandwidth, to ensure you have an uninterrupted service.

In addition to this, you’ll have access to our support centre should you encounter any problems along the way.

To find out more about our new, exciting services, click here to see how you could benefit from having a presence on the Internet, if you don’t already.

* – Payable as one yearly payment. e.g. £2.99 plus VAT per month would equate to a payment including VAT, of £43.06.