“The first lesson in the program went extremely well! Our clients were chuffed to learn how they can use the computer to manage their own money, and showed a lot of interest into continuing working on the computer. Tom is a very reliable and proactive person, with a great can-do attitude looking to do good for others and that meant the lesson was not only useful but incredibly fun. Tom is a natural teacher, patient and very supportive, and taught with the clients’ needs in mind.”

Julia Protesaru

Fundraising & Marketing Manager, Headway Worcestershire

I hope that I can use a spreadsheet to help manage my money better”


Headway Worcestershire

“Tom made the clients feel accepted and boosted their confidence. Although the clients were all of different abilities, he managed to support each of them with their own needs.”

Sam Skilbeck

Day Opportunities Manager, Headway Worcestershire

Tom Horton
Tom Horton
Tom Horton