The Work Train Project

About The Project

In one sentence, The Work Train is a new, exciting project aiming to help people with disabilities learn new key office skills such as Microsoft Office Word, Excel, Powerpoint and Outlook, and take this experience in to new jobs in the future.

Horton Accounting Services is a Worcester-based business so primarily covers this area, but as the project evolves over time, we would like to have other businesses involved which will result in a much wider coverage of the UK.

How has the project come about?

The Work Train came about from various surrounding events. Firstly, we are very keen to help support local groups and charities in the community, and whilst we are a new business, we wanted to come up with new ways to help instead of just monetary donations.

Following on from this, we took to the Twitter world and came across #CharityHour (every Wednesday, 8:00pm). This is a very interesting hour where numerous charities come together and tweet about themselves, whilst answering various questions on a particular topic.

From our original thoughts, then coming across #CharityHour, we came up with The Work Train.

How much would this cost?

There is no cost for this service for either the charity involved, or the student. The only condition is that the charity helps with the IT equipment if needed, as training is provided on-site.

That is all we ask. No other “terms and conditions” or “agreements”, or anything like that. We are here to help both charities and students as much as we can.

Interested? Then please contact us via our Contact Form